How often may I take surveys from Tell?

Generally, you will be able to take 1 to 4 surveys per month. Sometimes our surveys are focused on specific groups such as females only, or dog owners with allergies, or ski-lovers who own white pants and like salsa (Ok maybe not THAT specific, but you get the point). Depending on survey availability and topics, you may or may not qualify for all surveys every month.


Why should I take surveys from Tell?

As a Tell member, you have a unique opportunity to engage directly with businesses and organizations, including non-profit causes, who have a local influence and impact the local economy / social causes. Many businesses don’t have access to direct consumers’ feedback and tend to guess when making decisions that ultimately affect our community. With Tell, you can help businesses make smarter decisions that serve YOU better. (Plus, you’ll receive gift cards. Who wouldn’t want to be paid for their opinions?)


 How do I receive points or rewards?

To receive points, you must first qualify for a survey and then complete it. Surveys will screen respondents and disqualify those who do not meet survey requirements. Each survey is worth a certain amount of points which will be added to your account automatically upon completion. Some surveys lead to other studies such as online communities, focus groups or interviews, which are rewarded with gift cards upon completion of the study. Studies can sometimes take up to 3 weeks or longer to close. Please be sure to read the information we send you prior to the study to know when to expect your reward. If after reading the information, you still have doubts about what to expect, please contact us.


How many points is a survey worth?

Our point-scale system is based on surveys’ length and complexity, as well as the complexity of the target audience. We respect your time and effort, so we set our points accordingly. The longer the survey or the more effort it requires, the more points it will be worth. Surveys are typically between 1 and 15 points, but it is possible to receive longer surveys.


How many points do I need for a $10 e-gift card?

50 points = $10 e-gift card. Once you redeem your 50 points, your point total will reset back to zero.


What do I get for referring a friend to Tell?

For each person you refer who confirms their subscription to Tell Panel or Tell Cannabis, you receive 5 points towards your point total. No, you cannot refer yourself. And yes, we can tell. However, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. Start referring friends now and see how many of them sign up. We’ll cheer you on!


How many points do I have?

Coming soon – a member portal to check point balances.  In the meantime, email us at members@tellpanel.com.


Do my points expire?

Yes. If you become qualified to redeem a $10 gift card (50 points), you have 90 days to redeem your reward before your points expire. If you have not taken a survey within 6 months, your points will be forfeited. However, if you continue to take surveys, your points will continue to accumulate. If for any reason the Tell Consumer Panel or Insights Lab no longer exist, all points will automatically be null.


I didn’t receive my reward. What should I do?

If you did not receive your reward or e-gift card after redeeming it on our website or after completing a study, please check your SPAM folder. Allow 24hrs for our team to approve your points and redemption (48 hours if redeemed over the weekend or holidays). We’ll try to make this as quick a turnaround as possible. If you still have not found your reward, please email Team Tell Panel at members@tellpanel.com to inquire about it.


I’m having trouble accessing my e-gift card or Tango Card. What should I do?

All technical incentive questions can be answered by contacting Tango Card’s Customer Service team at cs@tangocard.com.  If you need more help, please email Team Tell Panel at members@tellpanel.com.


Where does my information go?

We take your privacy very seriously. Your personal information does not and will not go to anyone outside of Insights Lab and will NEVER be sold or given to any other companies or parties. No personal information will ever be shared with anyone outside of Insights Lab.

Tell Panel may act as a panel provider for partner studies, and in this case, the Tell Panel team will contact panelists with a clear disclaimer. If you decide to participate, you agree to share your contact information with a partner company and, at this point, it becomes your choice to share your information outside of Tell Panel.


What does it mean to become a member of Tell?

It means you allow Team Tell Panel to send you emails and post notifications on your account related to your activity with Tell, including but not limited to surveys, discussions, focus groups, blog posts, and other Tell news. We will NOT send you emails about other topics unrelated to Tell.


Will I get spam from giving you my email address?

The Tell Consumer Panel will NEVER share your email or personal contact information with anyone else and we will not send you spam emails.


How do I unsubscribe?

“It’s not you, it’s me?”  We don’t want to see you go! Team Tell Panel is always open to suggestions and will do what’s within reach to accommodate your needs. However, we also respect your right to unsubscribe. So, if you decide to leave the community (and break our heart), click here to unsubscribe.


What do you do with the survey results?

At Insights Lab, Tell Panel’s parent company, we work with clients who invest in our research. Our team collects and analyzes survey results to formulate insights and answer clients’ questions about their businesses. The insights we present to our clients NEVER include your personal contact information and are only reported in aggregate. All reports remain anonymous and results cannot be attributed to any one individual. No one will be able to identify you or any other Tell member through our reports.


Who is able to join Tell?

Anyone who is over 18 years old and able to answer online surveys is welcome to join!


I’d like to take surveys about cannabis. How do I join Tell Cannabis?

Our Tell Cannabis Panel is taking in new members! If you’re interested in helping the Cannabis industry, please register as a new member and choose “Tell Cannabis Panel” when prompted.

If you already are a Tell member but would now like to join Tell Cannabis as well, please email us at members@tellpanel.com and we will subscribe you.


I’m a bit nervous about taking surveys related to cannabis. What will you ask?

Our goal is to get a comprehensive view of the cannabis market, perceptions and understand consumers who use cannabis for any and all reasons. With that said, our surveys have a wide range of topics on medical and recreational cannabis including frequency of usage, types of cannabis, paraphernalia, self-medication, etc. If you are not comfortable answering a few of these questions, you may choose the “prefer not to say” option. If for some reason a question does not have this option, please email us at members@tellpanel.com and let us know.


I have other concerns about joining Tell Cannabis. Who can I talk to?

We want you to feel comfortable participating in our studies, but we also know that cannabis could be a sensitive topic. If you have any concerns, please email Team Tell Panel at members@tellpanel.com and we’ll do our best to address your concerns


How can I update my personal information?

We send out period emails to update your profile.  Feel free to participate in the profile survey

Coming soon – Visit your profile on the Tell website to update your basic contact information.

For any other information, we will send update surveys every month. Look for the next update survey to change any other information or email us at members@tellpanel.com.


My survey link isn’t working or the survey isn’t accepting any more responses. What now?

If you see a message saying the survey is no longer available, it could be because we’ve received enough responses or the survey has reached its deadline. Many panelists accidentally exit surveys without completing them and are unable to re-enter due to a security setting. If this is your case, email us right away and we will send you a link to continue your survey.

We reserve the right to close any survey at any time. But have no fear! There will always be more surveys for you.

If the survey button doesn’t work or you have issues with response choice formats, please try a different browser or device. For consistent technical issues, email us at members@tellpanel.com.


I’m having technical issues. Help!

Please email members@tellpanel.com if you have tried changing your device and/or browser, and continue having technical issues with a survey or with TellPanel.com. We will respond quickly enough so you can complete your survey.


On what devices should I access surveys from Tell?

You can take our surveys on any device with internet access (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop). Some surveys, however, might be easier to take on a laptop or desktop.


Will I be asked to buy or pay anything while being a part of Tell?

No, we will NEVER ask you to buy or pay anything while being a member of the Tell community.